More about Cancer, the link with the new world order

More about Cancer

the link with the new world order


One comment on “More about Cancer, the link with the new world order

  1. Listening to these words, bring forth a great amount of disgust from deep down within me, but there isn’t anything that speaks to anything I haven’t known, and have known for a number of years! Excuse me for being a little uptight about this, but I cannot understand how $money$, and I mean any great amount of money can get in the way of those who have studied and come to terms with the medical model, and chosen to take an oath not to cause pain and suffering, but to keep people as best s/he can, away from suffering, doing all that can be done, to reduce pain & suffering away from people who are dying with vicious suffering, sometimes so great, that such drugs as Dilaudid, OxyContin, and Medical Marijuana, can not ameliorate the pain, and people ask their doctors to please put him/her out of misery!

    My main work is in the spiritual field, counseling and praying with those who have these types of diseases, asking that God above, save these from their pain & suffering. Sometimes, when the elders of the Church anoint that terribly ill individual, calling upon the LORD GOD to perform a miracle, a miracle is given, but I would be lying if I were to tell you the miracles are in the majority, for this is not so in my personal work, but I am certain that God has reasons that these diseases are not immediately taken away — I wish I did know. But we are God’s Creation, and for one creation to keep that which shows great statistical significance in curing these diseases, is for me, unconscionable! May God bring light into their lives, and may they be brought into the world of the suffering, so that these can live up to their oaths!

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