Two More Bio-Chemists Murdered

Two French students, working on the real origins of bird flu, tortured, killed in London

Two French biochemical students, Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez, were murdered by Israeli Mossad-British intelligence assassination teams on June 29, 2008. Both Bonomo and Ferez were studying at the prestigious London Imperial College researching the origins of bird flu and the link to the alleged vaccines.

The murders were first revealed by France’s Directorate for Internal Security, not by Britain’s Scotland Yard, making it likely that the students were French intelligence officers. London police arrested Daniel Sonnex, 23, and Nigel Edward Farmer in the killings.

A joint French-U.S. Intelligence anti-terrorist task force in Paris, headed by former Secretary of State Colin Powell and former head of French intelligence Jean Crout, for years has monitored the activity of the Israeli mercenaries. The patriotic American-French team has allegedly prevented various scripted terrorist attacks, i.e. false flags, on both the United States and Europe, with the planning of the attacks actually originating inside the compromised intelligence agencies of the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel and Germany, according to task force sources.



The two researchers had discovered that the alleged bird flu vaccine, H-7, which was designed to neutralize and stop the H5N1 avian flu virus, had been spliced using DNA to actually create a vaccine and an illness producing virus at the same time. The French students had also discovered that the bird flu vaccine, i.e. a virus, had links to U.S., British and Israeli laboratories associated with the noted Mossad agent, Dr. Philip M. Zackerie.

Israeli microbiologist Zackerie, known as “Dr. Zack,” worked for the U.S. bio-weapons lab at Ft. Detrick, Md., where he was photographed handling the strain of anthrax used in the post 9-11 attack according to published reports. He was a consultant at the FBI linked company Gilead Sciences Inc. of Boulder, Colo. Gilead Sciences has been linked to the 9-11 anthrax strain and to the bird flu vaccine.

The two French students, who had their apartment broken into one week before their brutal assassination, also had their lap-top computer stolen and their apartment fire-bombed.

The operation has been traced to a team of 10 Israeli Mossad and British MI5 agents. The two individuals currently under arrest in the United Kingdom were witnesses to the murders, according to task force sources,
and their lives are in jeopardy.

The assassination of Bonomo and Ferez happened just after the recent meetings that took place in Northern Ireland between President George Bush, former President Bill Clinton and current British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

The two murders also may be related to the recent alleged assassination attempt on French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in Ben Gurion International Airport in Israel.

Officially, an Israeli border patrol officer who was a member of the Druze community shot himself as Sarkozy and his wife were mounting the stairs to their plane. The man’s body then fell from the top of the building where he had been perched. Many believe he was an Arab patsy-to-be before the assassination attempt went awry.

Sarkozy was also aware of the bird flu treason and plans to use it against France as well as the Israeli Mossad hacking of French INTERPOL Internet portals using the U.S. National Security Agency and a headquarters in Amsterdam.

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Remote viewing Tibetan monks see Extra Terrestrial powers saving the World from destroying itself in 2012

Tibetan remote viewing 12-26-04

Tibetan remote viewing 12-26-04

Remote viewing is nothing new in Tibetan monasteries. For thousands of years remote viewing in the middle of other spiritual activities have dominated Tibetan culture. What some Indian tourists came to learn from a few Tibetan monasteries under the current Chinese rule is extremely alarming and fascinating.

According to these tourists remote viewers are seeing world powers in the course of self-destruction. They also see that the world will not be destroyed. Between now and 2012 the world super powers will continue to engage in regional wars. Terrorism and covert war will be the main problem. In world politics something will happen in and around 2010. At that time the world powers will threaten to destroy each other.

Between 2010 and 2012, the whole world will get polarized and prepare for the ultimate dooms day. Heavy political maneuvers and negotiations will take place with little progress.

In 2012, the world will start plunging into a total destructive nuclear war.

And at that time something remarkable will happen, says, Buddhist monk of Tibet. Supernatural divine powers will intervene. The destiny of the world is not to self-destruct at this time.

Scientific interpretation of the monks’ statements makes it evident that the Extra Terrestrial powers are watching us every step of the way. They will intervene in 2012 and save the world from self-destruction.

When asked about recent UFO sightings in India and China, the monks smiled and said the divine powers are watching us all. Mankind cannot and will not be allowed to alter the future to that great extent.

Every human being though their current acts in life called “Karma” can alter the future lives to some extent, but changing the destiny in that large extent will not be allowed to that great an extent.

Monks also mentioned that beyond 2012 our current civilization would understand that the final frontier of science and technology is in area of spirituality and not material physics and chemistry. Beyond 2012, out technologies will take a different direction. People will learn the essence of spirituality, the relation between body and the soul, the reincarnation and the fact we are connected with each other are all part of “God”.

In India and China UFO sightings have increased in many folds. Many say the Chinese and Indian Governments are being contacted by the Extra Terrestrials.

In recent days most UFO activities have been seen in those countries who have indigenously developed Nuke capabilities.

When asked if these extra-terrestrials will show up in reality in 2012, the answers remote viewers are giving is: they will reveal themselves in such a way that none of us scared. They will reveal themselves only if they have to. As our science and technology progresses, we are destined to see them and interact with them any way.

According to the remote viewers, our earth is blessed and is being saved continuously from all kinds of hazards all the time that we are not even aware of. As our technologies progress we will realize how external forces saved us.

N.K. Subramanium, Special Correspondent, December 26, 2004
Source: India Daily

FEMA sources confirm coming martial law

WMR has learned from knowledgeable Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) sources that the Bush administration is putting the final touches on a plan that would see martial law declared in the United States with various scenarios anticipated as triggers. The triggers include a continuing economic collapse with massive social unrest, bank closures resulting in violence against financial institutions, and another fraudulent presidential election that would result in rioting in major cities and campuses around the country.

In addition, Army Corps of Engineer sources report that the assignment of the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team (BCT) to the Northern Command’s U.S. Army North is to augment FEMA and federal law enforcement in the imposition of traffic controls, crowd control, curfews, enhanced border and port security, and neighborhood patrols in the event a national emergency being declared. The BCT was assigned to duties in Iraq before being assigned to the Northern Command.

On April 3, 2008, WMR reported on a highly-classified document regarding the martial law scenario: WMR has learned from knowledgeable sources within the US financial community that an alarming confidential and limited distribution document is circulating among senior members of Congress and their senior staff members that is warning of a bleak future for the United States if it does not quickly get its financial house in order. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is among those who have reportedly read the document. The document is being called the C & R document because it reportedly states that if the United States defaults on loans and debt underwriting from China, Japan, and Russia, all of which are propping up the United States government financially, and the United States unilaterally cancels the debts, America can expect a war that will have disastrous results for the United States and the world.

“Conflict” is the “C word” in the document. The other scenario is that the federal government will be forced to drastically raise taxes in order to pay off debts to foreign countries to the point that the American people will react with a popular revolution against the government.

“Revolution” is the document’s “R word.

Source: Wayne Madsen Heyoka Magazine – WMR- October 8, 2008

Closed-door session of the House prompts representative outrage, leaks

(March 13, 2008) The House of Representatives held only its sixth closed session since 1812, and the first since July 1983, when it secretly discussed U.S. support for the Contras in Nicaragua. The publicly stated reason for the recent closed session was for members to discuss new citizen surveillance provisions. However, conversations off the record have indicated that the meeting was primarily about nine key issues:

1) the imminent collapse of the U.S. economy to occur by September 2008

2) the imminent collapse of U.S. federal government finances by February 2009

3) the possibility of civil war inside the USA as a result of the collapses

4) advance round-ups of “insurgent U.S. citizens” (those opposing the New World Order) likely to move against the government

5) detention of those rounded-up at “REX 84″camps constructed throughout the USA

6) possibility of retaliation against members of Congress for the collapses

7) the location of “safe facilities” for members of Congress and their families to reside during expected massive civil unrest

8. the necessary and unavoidable merger of the United States with Canada (for its natural resources) and Mexico (for its pool of cheap labor)

9) the issuance of a new currency – THE AMERO – for all three nations as the proposed solution to the upcoming economic Armageddon…


President George W. Bush discusses martial law with top neoconservative military advisers as the global economic crisis worsens. The president has pledged to protect Wall Street, the Federal Reserve Banks and the military-industrial complex as public discontent with the status quo continues to fester. Independence-minded states like New Hampshire and Texas are slated to be subdued first; dissenters in those two states will be relocated to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) work camps.

obesity is pandemic

6 weekold samefood except 1bactery

6 weeks old brothers - same food, except 1bactery

These 2 chicken are brothers, both 6 weeks old and were fed at the same hour of the day with the same things to the exception of ONE bactery….

This is the result of a research led by Didier Raoult of the Faculté de Médecine de MARSEILLE in France, a reference in obesity field.

The fun fact is that this bactery, lactobacillus fermentum, has been used for over 50 years by the Milk Industry to ferment dairies.

The same experiment has been conducted with bifido-bacterium, a bactery present in all bifidus dairy (especially yogurts) tagged as “Pro-bioctic”.

Obesity is a no longer a USA problem, it recently became a pandemic problem (i.e world wide spread) that touches especially the lowest social classes, economic wise.

In the last 20 years, obesity increased to the point of reaching 65% of USA people, despite the fact that lifestyle and food habits didn’t change much along the years.

This leads scientists to investigate the bacterian issue.

There are talks between the Chicken Industry and Didier Raoult about using this bacteries in developping countries to fatten starving people…

How Companies Pay Artists to Include Brands in Lyrics

Some artists approach companies with offers to include brand and product names in their song lyrics.

A e-mail from Paul Kluger of the Kluger Agency, which performs such product placements, mistakenly sent to Jeff Crouse of the Anti-Advertising Agency and Double Happiness Jeans, provides a rare glimpse into the secretive market for song lyric product placement.

“I’m writing because we feel you may be a good company to participate in a brand integration campaign within the actual lyrics of one of the worlds most famous recording artists upcoming song/album,” begins the opening e-mail in the eventual salvo between the two.

Yes, you read that right: things have gotten so weird in the music business that high-profile acts are inserting ads into their song lyrics. The next time you hear a brand mentioned in a song, it could be due to a paid product placement. And unlike magazines, songs are not required to point out which words are part of an advertisement.

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Full Disclosure Project

“The Disclosure Project is a nonprofit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. We have over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret”.

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14

Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21 Part 22 Part 23 Part 24



Video climat


Aerosol Crimes 1st Edition

This documentary produced by chemtrail researcher Clifford Carnicom is a must see and an excellent research tool. Five plus years into the operations has provided ample evidence in this 90min DVD that covers many topics. Over the years aerosol/chemtrail research has provided some leads but even more questions as to who and why the spraying occurs. It is clear jets are deliberately spraying the sky’s and it will not stop until enough people are aware and willing to stand up for the operations exposure and termination.


HAARP – Holes In Heaven (english)

HAARP des trous dans le ciel (ffançais)

L’économie pour les nuls

Petite leçon d’économie pour les «archi nuls», par un non moins nul

Une crise boursière fait toujours se poser la question :
« Mais tout cet argent perdu par la bourse, que devient-il ? Où va-t-il ?».
C’est une bonne question, qui renvoie déjà à ce qui détermine la valeur des choses.
Une maison, un tableau, une action boursière… ont une valeur liée au coût de leur fabrication (elle-même liée aux mêmes critères), à la valeur de l’entreprise et à son bilan (les 2 sont liés aussi), et beaucoup de cette valeur est liée à la loi de l’offre et de la demande, dite « du marché », ainsi qu’à une part de « mode ».
Bref, la valeur des choses en argent, est très relative, suggestive et fluctuante, voire totalement abstraite, une question de convention en quelque sorte. Et l’argent qui leur est attaché est en fait virtuel, c’est encore plus évident pour les valeurs boursières. C’est vrai pour tout ce qui peut s’acheter, se monnayer.
Il n’en est pas de même pour les choses de la vie, de la nature.
Ainsi, la valeur que nous attribuons à la vue, à la possibilité de marcher, de respirer, à un instant de bonheur avec des amis, sa compagne (ou son compagnon), ses enfants… tout cela n’a pas de prix, dans tous les sens de l’expression, car ce qui constitue la vraie Vie, 100 % authentique, n’est pas monnayable (et ceux qui le croient, le paient très cher un jour ou l’autre…).
Mais revenons à l’argent.
Des gens créent, détiennent, gèrent et “distribuent” l’argent.
On les appelle des Grands banquiers.
Vous avez remarqué que toutes les bourses du monde sont collées à ce qui se passe aux USA, et que la « FED* » est au cœur de tout cela.
*La Réserve fédérale (Federal Reserve System), appelée souvent Federal Reserve ou Fed, c’est la banque centrale privée des Etats-Unis.
Elle a été créée par le Federal Reserve Act, dit aussi Owen-Glass Act. Les banques suivantes sont à l’origine de cette fondation :
Rothschild Bank of London ; Rothschild Bank of Berlin ; Warburg Bank of Hamburg ; Warburg Bank of Amsterdam ; Lazard Brothers of Paris, Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy ; Chase Manhattan Bank of New York ; Goldman, Sachs of New York ; Lehman Brothers of New York ; Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York.

Les petites mains : les Petits banquiers locaux :
Un Petit banquier collecte l’argent des gens qui en ont, pour le prêter à ceux qui n’en ont pas assez, et qui en ont besoin pour créer une activité.
Ce faisant, ceux qui empreintent, créent des richesses (et des intérêts), un argent qui retournera à la banque, la boucle est bouclée.
L’art d’un Petit banquier est donc de faire travailler les autres pour lui, c’est ce qu’il appelle avec un bel euphémisme :
« Faire travailler l’argent ».
Mais si les choses vont mal, qu’à force de faire n’importe quoi avec l’argent des autres (le nôtre), que le Petit banquier n’a plus d’argent à prêter, que se passe-t-il ?
C’est le cas aux USA.
C’est simple, souvenez-vous pour le Crédit Lyonnais, le Petit banquier se retourne alors vers l’Etat et son budget, les fonds publics,
c’est-à-dire encore nous, notre argent…
Un argent que l’Etat lui redonne volontiers puisque ceux qui tiennent l’Etat sont aux ordres du Grand banquier, et pour cause, c’est le Grand banquier qui a financé leur campagne électorale… démocratique…
Ils ne sont en place, eux et pas d’autres, que par le bon vouloir du Grand banquier, le vote n’étant qu’une… formalité pour gogos manipulés.
Le Petit banquier se retrouve donc réapprovisionné en fonds à prêter, en profitera pour racheter les actions et biens à bas prix, et cela peut repartir pour un tour. Aux contribuables de rembourser intérêts et capital au Grand banquier, via le budget de l’Etat…
C’est sans fin… merveilleux, non ?

PS : Petite précision pour les super archi nuls, dans « Grand banquier » dans le texte, il faut comprendre « maître du jeu » (comme « Rothschild », par exemple, et pour ne nommer personne…).
Idem pour les « élus »… on ne parle pas des conseillers municipaux !
Les plus serviles alimenteront tout de même un des viviers dans lequel seront puisés les futurs grands serviteurs de… “l’Etat”… et là, dans “Etat”, il faut comprendre « maîtres du jeu »…

Bon, c’est peut-être un peu simpliste et donc réducteur, mais dites-vous bien que dans le détail des dessous des pratiques bancaires, c’est encore beaucoup, beaucoup plus sordide…

Travaillez bien… et surtout, votez bien…

Les points sur les “i” :
L’émission de la monnaie est le monopole d’intérêts privés, Morgan, Rockefeller, Rothschild, etc., qui ont le contrôle des Réserves Monétaires mondiales, qu’il s’agisse de la Federal Reserve Bank of America (dite FED), de la Banque du Canada ou de la BCE.
Ils émettent de la monnaie fictive qui se résume à des créances alpha numériques sur un ordinateur, sans même avoir les réserves couvrant ces prêts. Ils vont jusqu’à faire l’économie des coûts d’imprimerie des billets. Par contre, ils réclament évidemment des intérêts eux sonnants et trébuchants aux Etats emprunteurs. Ils ont ainsi endetté les Etats avec des intérêts cumulés qui représentent jusqu’à 90% de la dette.

Ghislaine Saint Pierre Lanctôt est médecin et clinicienne québécoise, auteure des best-sellers “La Mafia Médicale”, “le Procès de la Mafia Médicale” et plus récemment du livre “Que diable suis-je venue faire sur cette terre ?”.

Un mandat d’arrestation a été prononcé le 3 mars 2008 pour défaut de comparaître à l’encontre de Ghislaine Lanctôt. Le 6 juin 2007, l’Agence du revenu du Canada avait signifié une sommation de comparaître le 18 juin 2007 en cour du Québec de Granby pour répondre à sept chefs d’accusation relatifs à l’impôt et pour omission de produire des déclarations de revenus.

« Jusqu’en 1994, j’ai accepté de payer les impôts pour l’entité fictive appelée “contribuable”, une corporation que le gouvernement a créée, qui lui appartient et qui porte le nom de LANCTOT, GHISLAINE. Je croyais contribuer ainsi au bien public et je le faisais avec entrain. Que s’est-il passé pour que je stoppe complètement cette pratique?

C’est par obéissance à mon “âme et conscience” que j’ai pris cette décision, depuis que je sais que :

1. Les impôts ne servent pas au bien public. Ils vont directement dans les coffres des banquiers internationaux – propriétaires de la Banque du Canada – qui les utilisent pour financer les armes et les guerres, entre autres…

2. La Banque du Canada n’appartient pas au Canada. Elle est un cartel de banques privées internationales qui créent la monnaie canadienne.
Ce pouvoir de création de la monnaie était exclusif au gouvernement canadien. Il l’a cédé à la Banque du Canada en 1913. Depuis lors, le gouvernement emprunte (avec intérêt composé) de l’argent qu’il pouvait créer lui-même, sans coûts. C’est ainsi qu’une dette s’est constituée et que le peuple, les “contribuables” donnés en garantie, se saignent à blanc pour en payer uniquement les intérêts.

3. Les services fournis par le gouvernement ne sont pas payés par les impôts. Ils sont financés à même de nouveaux emprunts encourus régulièrement. D’où la croissance constante de l’inflation et de la dette – capital et intérêts -.

4. La dette est fictive, virtuelle. C’est une fausse dette. Aucun argent n’a été prêté par les banquiers propriétaires de la Banque du Canada. Ce sont des écritures sans aucune réserve qui sont enregistrées et utilisées. C’est de l’argent fictif, créé à partir de rien. Il n’y a pas de vraie dette !

5. Les impôts sont à contribution volontaire pour les particuliers. Il n’y a pas de loi qui impose aux femmes et aux hommes vivants – des êtres humains en chair et en os – de payer l’impôt sur leurs revenus. Seules les corporations – des personnes fictives – sont tenues de payer l’impôt sur leurs profits (revenus moins dépenses).

– Je me fais complice de tromperie et escroquerie publiques.
– Je participe au financement des guerres et génocides dans le monde. Les Principes de Nuremberg n’interdisent-ils pas toute forme de collaboration, directe ou indirecte, avec un “crime contre la paix, un crime de guerre, un crime contre l’humanité” ?
– J’endosse la dépossession des petits par les gros, je crée l’injustice sociale. Devant ce constat, mon âme m’interdit formellement de contribuer aux impôts. D’ailleurs, même chez les autorités, le message est ambivalent quant au comportement à adopter. C’est établi, il faut toujours obéir aveuglément aux ordres des autorités. Sauf que, parfois, il faut obéir à sa conscience plutôt qu’aux ordres des autorités…

Je suis consciente de la perturbation qu’occasionne, pour les systèmes établis, l’obéissance à mon ‘âme et conscience’. Peu importe le prix à payer, je demeure fidèle à mon ‘âme et conscience’. C’est elle qui gère ma vie et je lui ai donné carte blanche. Quelle que soit l’issue de cette aventure, je me réjouis de contribuer à l’évolution de la conscience humaine. Après tout, n’est-ce pas pour cela que je suis sur terre ?! ».
Ghislaine Lanctôt


flash news

925 millions (+75millions since 2007) of people in a state of starvation in the world. ——————————————————————-

vatican info 2008

925 millions (+75 millions depuis 2007) de personnes souffrant de famine dans le monde. ————————————————————————–

vatican info 2008