The codex is something that wants to eradicate by making illegal all medicinal alternatives to their industrial trade system, (food supplement, naturopathy, chinese medecine, your grand mother’s recipe etc…)  and it will regulate the vitamins, minerals AND pesticides included in all the food available in the shops.

They decret we as human can survive with only 28 vitamins and they’ll allow 10 of the WORST chemicals (pesticides) known to man to be included in the food, whether on the GM fruits and vegetables or the hormones and anti-biotics they give to animals that make meat, milk and derivated products (milk, cheese, butter, fats etc etc…)

They unsuccessfully tried in 2005 to make it adopted globally, they will try again in december 2009.
Once into force, it will KILL 3 BILLIONS of Humans (half of the planet), 1 by starvation, 2 by malnutrition.

All this with the help of the World Health Organization / Organisation Mondiale de la Santé (WHO / OMS)

ha ha

Its part of the GLOBAL GENOCIDE that is being organised over the the last decades, which will be talked about in this blog.


[A talk by Dr Rima E Laibow about the Codex Alimentarius Commission.]



Here is a concise  text about the facts YOU NEED TO KNOW. For the big speech, go here


In a few words, the Codex Alimentarius is a set of rules in food, that was put forward by war criminal (WW2 gaz providers) released from jail in 1963, to “harmonize” ALL international food trade (worth $400 billions) by regulating ingredients (vitamins, minerals AND pesticides) in food.

It is obviously officially presented as health protection system for humans, animals and vegetation of a country that import food made in another country, a system that would help agricultors to trade better and finally help to end misery and hunger.  (see the result 40 years later).

Since 1950, the majority of our aliments lost 50% of its nutrients, and cancer increased 300%.

Behind its philantropic appearance, the Codex is merely an extension of a secular occult USA organisation whose secret vocation is total exploitation of mankind.

Its objectives are to outlaw all kind of alternative medecine related to vitamins, natural therapies, food complement or anything that sets itself as a concurrent. This state of mind that presides the pharma-chemicals industry largely explains the systematic destruction of independant scientific innovations for the last 50 years..

The dissidents who refuse to comply with the CA have to pay a hugefine. (ex: Europe currently pays every year $116.8 millions to refuse to import hormone-fed veal.)

The scientist’s revolutionnary discoveries in nutritional therapies (regardless of the secular medecine that is being almost totally wiped out) are not marketed by the pharmaceutical industry, they are discredited and considered as enemies as they constitue a threat to the “Disease Business”.

In 2002, euro deputies adopted laws in favour of the pharmaceutical industry that aimed at a regulation for all natural therapies and food supplements. 438 millions petition from citizens flooded the euro-deputies’s offices, but the laws were adopted whatsoever.
A real insult to democracy.
A legion pharma lobbyist are constantly influencing law makers to control regulating organisms, to manipulate medical research and education.

What the CA comity tried to put into law in 2005:

  1. Suppress all natural food supplement. All will be replaced by 28 synthesis products (low dose cause toxic) and will only be available in pharmacy with prescription.
  2. All alternative medecines such as acupuncture,  energetic, ayurvedic, tibetan medecine…  will become progressively forbidden.
  3. Agriculture and animal alimentation will be regulated according to the norms of the pharmaco-chemical complex, forbiding aswell the so-called bio-dynamic agriculture.
  4. The legally certified Human food  must be irradiated  (eg : Cobalt irradiated – the technique term used to reassure the population being « ionisated ».)

The Codex Alimentarius will control the access to essential aminated acid fish oils, vitamines and minerals. The controls expansion will operate progressively, slaying all alternative medecine, natural or ancestral.




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